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Crazy, can this also be called iceberg queen?

Crazy, can this also be called iceberg queen?

Crazy, can this also be called iceberg queen?

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    Crazy, can this also be called iceberg queen?
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    Liu Taihao
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    The One Book
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2022-05-15 02:24:27
[single female owner + dog food + entertainment + women chasing Men + daily] Liu Yi crossed the parallel world, confessed after the opening day and chose system binding, Yun Xiyue: "brother, come and drink more!" Liu Yi: "..." I don't drink Yun Xiyue: "brother, is this wine? It's not wine. It's a river with temperature. It's a good medicine in bleak days. It's dry!" Liu Yi, "..." this woman doesn't look like a good person! This is going to fill me up, okay Yun Xiyue: "brother, let's get the license!" "little husband ~! Let's have a child!" "Your Majesty, you can't escape the palm of my concubine in your life ~ Liu Yi: "..." she is so coquettish, can cook, and is so considerate to me What about the agreed iceberg queen the human setup has collapsed love! Love while they were in love, when the world shouted that Liu Yi was not worthy of Yun Xiyue, a classic song was born, a step-by-step classic film and television appeared, and a step-by-step great God novel amazed the world unconsciously, Liu Yi stood at the peak of the industry and left countless classics the world: "the queen of heaven is more or less climbing!"

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