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Crosstalk your son

Crosstalk your son

Crosstalk your son

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    Crosstalk your son
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    Fat people like stewed beans
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    Cool Novel
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2022-05-16 00:23:27
The Dragon suit of the previous life has crossed into the parallel world, and has been on the peak of performance with golden fingers ever since for entertainment novels, this story is very mundane, but for people traveling through the world, it is a successful standard. It is very happy to be a big star for a lifetime but he thought about all kinds of possibilities. Maybe he would experience ups and downs, or maybe his golden finger wouldn't work. You may experience intrigue, but you never thought... your welfare through the golden fingers is of no use at all my father was biased against the entertainment industry and did not allow him to become a star the father of this life is a gold owner and has the ability to prevent him from becoming a star it was useless for him to use all kinds of methods, but because his father loved to listen to crosstalk, he wanted to talk about crosstalk he has been humiliated by the public. He can't even make his home, let alone reach the peak of acting when he accepted his fate and was ready to talk about crosstalk all his life times change his father couldn't think of it. Today's crosstalk actors can not only shoot movies and variety shows, but also sing as idols looking at his father's suffocating smile, Han Shao smiled like a chicken thief it belongs to the era of the son of crosstalk, which has been opened!

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